Gang Tattoo Studio

Gang Tattoo Studio


Welcome to Gang Tattoo Studio, a recently established exclusive tattoo parlor that has emerged as a pioneering venture in the realm of tattoo artistry.

Our utmost priorities are the genuine smiles of our esteemed clientele and fostering an ambiance akin to the warmth of one’s own home. As an emblem of our commitment, we extend a complimentary personalized design upon your entry, exemplifying the dedication that underlines our craft.

Our endeavor transcends the conventional boundaries of a mere tattoo studio; it signifies the birth of a progressive and transformative establishment.

In the near future, we are excited to inaugurate the Gang Tattoo Academy, an institution that will serve as a cornerstone for aspiring tattoo artists.

Anticipate the presence of visiting virtuosos from across the globe, gracing our studio with their unparalleled mastery, thus enriching our creative milieu.

Be it intricate line-dot work, traditional Maori motifs, understated minimalism, nuanced black-grey realism, vibrant color compositions, or the true-to-life color realism, our studio stands as a haven where all styles of tattooing find expression.

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Ti – Pe 10.30 – 19.00

La 10.30 – 19.00

Ma – Su – Suljettu

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[email protected]
p. +358 41 311 8556